Bristol University Sees 154% Increase In Students With Mental Health Problems


With the number of suspected suicides in their net, new figures show that Bristol University has recorded a spike of 154% increase in students with mental health issues.

Although the University says that the figures show the similar issues other universities are facing, and it plans to launch a new approach to mental health that will increase the students’ access to support devices, a coroner may start an investigation questioning the schools pastoral care.

This is because this “university wide” approach doesn’t answer why 11 students have died in suspected suicides at Bristol over the past two years.

Looking at the figures, which were gotten through a freedom of information request, it seems that the unequal demand and supply levels of support to mentally ill people has nothing to do with the increased number of students.

A spokesman of the school explained that the rise in figures is due to a general rise in mental health challenges among young people of all ages, and so, they, like other Universities are going forward, looking into making the provision for mental health support for both staff and students.

(Image source: American Heart Association)

He said: “We have been seeking feedback from students and staff, so we can shape our services to meet the needs of our community”

Despite the University’s plan to re-evaluate their mental health support system going forward, separate inquests will this week, start reviews on the death of two students, including examining and confirming the support that the University offered, if any.

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