Devon Woman Who Lost Five Stones in Five Months Shares How She Did It


An obese grandmother, who had a mini-stroke in 2015, introduced herself to a serious diet after being told by the doctor that her weight was the main contributor to her condition.

A woman of Newton, Abbot, Laura Gilpin, who had a major health fright while rejoicing with her grandchild’s football team last 2015 still continued to put a lot of weight until last year.

The 62-year-old Laura decided to join LighterLife in July last year. She lost weight at a surprising rate from 17 stones 6lb to 12 stones 4lb. In just 5 months, she already lost 5 stones 2 lb. This is a very promising result indeed.

The turning point in Laura’s life happened when she had the news that her son’s wedding will be this coming March 2019. Realizing that she wouldn’t want to look extremely huge in that extremely significant event in her son’s life, she decided to join LighterLife with her counsellor, Emma Yalland.

After enrolling in LighterLife, she specified that she was feeling better than she could’ve ever been. She is now oozing with energy and her life changed for the best. She’s no longer in blood pressure medicines and she is now able to keep up with her grandchildren.

Over the past years, Laura tried a number of diets. Although she had gained a few feats in losing weight, Laura eventually lost interest quickly since these methods provide losing weight at a slower pace.

But with LighterLife and her firm conviction to lose weight, Laura is now one of the speakers of Xpress meetings in the organization’s seminars. She totally changed her lifestyle and eating habits. She’s even into ketotic diet right now as per the advice of LighterLife mentors.

Laura is the living proof that losing weight is never impossible with the right motivation, the right conviction and the right choice of diet. Everybody has equal chances of losing weight just like Laura did.


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