Dorset’s Ageing Population is Putting a Strain on the Social Care System


The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services is not satisfied with the £650 million boost to services that was announced in the budget, and this is because of the previous years of shortfalls.

People with physical or learning disabilities, or physical or mental illnesses are eligible for adult social care.

Between April 2017 and March 2018, the council spent £190 million on adult social care in Dorset according to NHS Digital figures and collected £49 million in income for services, including £24 million in contributions from patients and £22 million from the NHS.

In total, it means adult health care services cost £141 million over the year – £403 for every adult in Dorset, significantly above the average for England as a whole.

The President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, Glen Garrod said:

“This is still far short of the £2.35 billion that ADASS identified would be needed for social care to stand still in 2019-20. Councils have been struggling with funding shortfalls for years.

“This Budget has failed to provide the long-term funding solution that social care desperately needs – and whilst the extra investment is welcome, the need for that long-term approach has never been more urgent.

Philip Hammond who announced the additional social care funding in the Budget, said councils could raise money through a social care precept.

He also highlighted a £240 million increase to funding announced earlier in the year, to alleviate the pressures facing social care during the coming winter season.

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