Drug Dealers in Bristol Contaminate Their Own Children with Amphetamine



A Bristol Crown Court revealed that samples have shown that the children living at an address in Knowle have been exposed to the drugs their parents were taking. Their mother and father were dealing amphetamine from their home in Bristol and have ended up contaminating their own children.

Several of the youngsters under 13 had some samples of their hair evaluated, and they tested positive for amphetamine exposure. The children are now in local authority care.

A police raid into the property found drugs stored in the bathroom and kitchen, with some drugs kept in sweet tubs.

Mark Worsley, prosecuting, said, “The house was a spectacular mess. There was amphetamine and cannabis in quantities consistent with drug dealing and a large number of exhibits were seized.” Though he comments that there was no suggestion found that the children were actually given drugs which had absorbed into them.

The father, aged 37, and the mother, aged 38, both pleaded guilty to the possession of drugs with intent to supply Class B drugs, amphetamine and cannabis. They received four charges of child cruelty.

The Recorder of Bristol, His Honour Judge Peter Blair QC, jailed the mother and father for 27 months and 22 months, respectively. He said, “It is clear that there was pressure on (the mum) from a distant former partner to sell amphetamine for him.” The mother possessed a criminal benefit of £23,050 and an available £1,840 was confiscated by the court under the proceeds of Crime Act.

The final count revealed about 2kg of amphetamine was found, currently valued at £16,270.


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