Gloucester Towns Plagued With Problems of Fly-tipping



City councillor, Usman Bhaimia (L, Barton and Tredworth) says that the streets of his ward are heavily clogged with waste, creating problems. Fly-tipping has become so bad that local residents struggle to walk around in their streets.

Discarded items like mattresses, sofas, tables, chair, baby buggies, vacuum cleaners, and even a commode are among some items the councillor has seen dumped around recently. He says that rubbish is piling up everywhere in the Barton area of Gloucester, with Barton Street and Gothic Cottages being regular targets of local dumping.

Councillor Bhaimia is calling on the Gloucester City Council to address the issue by increasing the number of scheduled collections of household items from fortnightly to weekly. He comments, “The council comes to collect dumped rubbish, mostly household items, every day. Surely that is costing them more than weekly collections would. We need strong action like CCTV cameras in the hotspots. This will also help fight other crime problems.”

Urging residents to only put the bags of waste outside their homes on collection day, rather than throughout the week, he commended the work of Councillor Richard Cook, who is a cabinet member for the environment for putting more bins in Vauxhall Close.

Mr. Cook commented on the situation, saying, “The city council takes fly-tipping very seriously. It costs the city £50,000 a year and is simply not tolerated. To cover these costs we have increased the fines to the maximum penalty of £400.”

Since July, the council has issued up to 67 fines for fly-tipping, commercial waste offences, and littering.

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