Health Campaigners Call for an Increase in NHS Budget So That Cornwall’s Community Hospitals Can Stay Open


The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, who is set to unveil the autumn budget, has been called upon by public health interest groups to make more funds available for the struggling community hospitals.

Hammond is in the process of introducing new measures to ensure that mental wellbeing is treated with the same gravity as physical wellness. He is expected to announce an additional £2bn a year for crisis services and mental health, as well as introduce special ambulances that will treat people with depression and other mental illnesses. In order to avoid stigma, these ambulances will resemble normal vehicles.

Andrew George of the Save our NHS campaign had this to say.

“The anticipated Budget is expected to offer an extra £3.4 billion next year.

Welcome as it sounds, it won’t make up for the underfunding of recent years.

Sadly that’s not even enough to pay off debt, meet the modest delayed pay settlements and maintain the service at the level it has declined to in recent years.

Conservatives still want to cut £270 million out of Cornwall’s NHS by 2020.

While Parliament is understandably preoccupied with Brexit and putting right the substantial cuts in Universal Credit, it’d be wrong for politicians and the media to believe the Government’s hyperbole that it has fixed the NHS’s funding crisis.”

These calls come following the closure of several community hospitals across Cornwall Duchy. At this time, it is unknown if they will reopen.

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