Large parts of Somerset at risk of being underwater as Met Office predicts up to 1m rise in Sea level in Bristol Channel


According to a recent report, the sea level projections for UK cities might get to about 113 to 115cm. These predictions made by the MET office suggest that a large area of Somerset is at an increased risk of being affected and submerged by the floods.

Although these projections will be considered in the UK’s flood adaptation planning, it should be noted that the risk of the coastal areas getting flooded from storm surges and high tides will be higher as the sea level rise.

While the predictions suggest that a lot of areas might be affected, some areas and have a high risk of flooding while some areas along the coast still have a low flood risk.

The report also factors in how the flooding situation will affect the weather; causing the South West to have reduced rainfalls in the summer and even drier summers ahead. Concerning this, a spokesman from MET said overall, temperatures could be up to 5.4 degrees hotter in summer, and will be 4.2 degrees warmer in winter by 2070

The Environment Secretary, Michael Gove while speaking at the science museum said that “This cutting-edge science opens our eyes to the extent of the challenge we face, and shows that UK is already a global leader in tackling climate change” and to our relief added that “By having this detailed picture of our changing climate, we can ensure we have the right infrastructure to cope with weather extremes, and make decisions for the future accordingly.”

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