Nurse Refused to Leave Dying Road Accident Victim


On a Devon border Saturday afternoon, one nurse took it upon herself to accompany a young biker who was on the brink of death after being involved in a road accident.

60-year-old Carol Tandridge, along with another nurse, was there with the 21-year-old biker who crashed with a Peugeot car in Devon. They attended to the biker and did everything that they could to save the young man.

Becky Mitchell, daughter of Carol, said that Carol wished for the biker’s family to take comfort in the fact that their loved one hadn’t been alone until his untimely death. Becky remembered that she caught a glimpse of the young biker before the accident happened.

She was on the road with her mother and her child when the bike overtook her vehicle. She said she had noticed it because the sound made her child cry.

Becky continued to tell that a few minutes after that, they saw the collision that happened between the bike and one black Peugeot at Lynton in North Devon. Being a nurse of more than three decades, Carol Tandridge got out of her car and rushed to help the biker who was heavily injured at the scene.

Carol’s daughter said that they were already the third car that stopped at the scene. While her mother tended the young biker, she rushed to comfort the driver of the car and the family. There was another off-duty nurse already at the scene, but Carol still offered what she could at the time until the ambulance arrived and the paramedics could take over.

Unfortunately, the young biker was pronounced dead at the scene. Carol was very much upset according to her daughter.

Becky Mitchell stayed from three to five hours to warn off drivers from the place of the accident.


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