People in a Town in Cornwall Are Unable to Sleep Due to Fishy Odour


A putrid “pungent fishy”stench coming from a creamery in Cornwall is making people feel ill and keeping them awake at night.

The Environment Agency has said the smell is coming from the waste-water treatment plant of the firm Dairy Crest in Davidstow, north Cornwall. It has ordered the company to reduce the odour and noise pollution.

Andrew McKersie, a member of an action group complaining about the odour, described by some as like “cheesy sewage”, said: “The worst thing is that we typically seem to get the smell in the middle of the night.

“We’re in bed and suddenly you are woken up by the stink, and then you can’t get back to sleep, so you can’t sleep properly.”

Another member of the group and Cornwall resident said the stench made him fall sick.

An investigation found Diary Crest, whose brands include, Davidstow cheese, Cathedral City cheese, and Country Life butter, remains non-compliant with its environmental permit. An improvement notice has been issued to the company.

Dairy Crest said it was working to cut its environmental impact.

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