Raising Awareness of Organ Donation Through T-Shirts at Dorset County Hospital


Emma Williams, an art student, is trying to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation through t-shirt printing. Emma, currently studying for a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Fine Arts Practice at Weymouth College, is hoping that her work will make other people realize and think of organ donation. The activity, which is located at the corridor of the Dorset County Hospital, is an exhibition of different embroidered t-shirts relating to the issue.

Before the exhibition, Emma interviewed a number of organ donors, families, and transplant recipients about their feelings and experience while undergoing the procedure. From there, the art student printed on a t-shirt all the nice phrases that stood out from the interviews together with the scar of a particular organ transplant operation. After that, she sewed the images of the representatives of the organs to the t-shirts around the scar. Emma said that she is hoping that spreading inspirational stories about organ donation will eventually help in getting more people aware of the issue and more will be signing as donors.

Andre Ball, the Clinical Lead for Organ donation at the hospital is delighted and likewise excited to host the event. He was happy that the exhibition’s message has started to spread in the community and the public in general. After all, it is all about raising a person’s intention about donating an organ and also talking it out with his own family.

For Emma, having poor health that she experienced a few years back has made her rethink the directions of her life. While studying at Weymouth College, different social issues have caught her attention and she has been leading different activities to help use arts as a medium. Other projects that she had done before include activities that surround mental health and the juxtaposition between poverty and wealth.


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