Rotary Club Gifts Devon Air Ambulance Trust £600


Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT), a charity that has saved several lives, was given a cash boost from the Rotary club of Exmouth, Raleigh.

The charity helped 998 patients in 2017. 12 percent were children and 7 percent were in places without road access.

Gordon Parker, the Rotarian president till July this year, supported DAAT with £600. He presented the cheque to Brian Chapman, a member of the fundraising team.

He has also supported Devon Freewheelers.

A spokesperson of the club said, “During Rotarian Gordon’s year the excellent Fund Raising of the Rotary Club also gave donations to many other local charities in the Exmouth general area.”

The present president, Stewart Long has said he will mainly support Exeter Leukaemia during his tenure

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