Royal Cornwall Hospital Experiences Suspected Norovirus Infection Outbreak



A bay of four hospital beds has been sealed off at one of the wards in the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Tresliske.

From St Ives, Angela Littlewood was visiting her son located at the Roskear Ward when she noticed the beds that were sealed off. She mentioned that the staff said it was a suspected infection of a vomited and diarrhoea bug, Norovirus.

Norovirus is generally mild in most cases, and infected people will usually fully recover within two to three days. People need to practice good hygiene to prevent others from being infected, especially with thorough hand washing using soap and warm water, because alcohol hand gels will not kill the virus.

Mrs. Littlewood says, “They are still letting people into the ward and there’s no signup. That’s going to spread like wildlife and people are going to go in there and they don’t know.”

A spokesperson from the hospital mentioned that the ward remains open and that there was no official confirmation of Norovirus. He commented that it was standard procedure to seal off specific bays in suspected cases while tests are carried out to confirm it.

It would typically take 24 hours to confirm or rule out any suspected infection at the hospital.

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