‘Smashing’ tea party nets DCCF £1,200


In spite of the bad weather, a large number of the Dorset Community turned up to raise funds for the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF). This event was organized by the wonderful officers of Christchurch Fire Station by raising funds through a tea party. The Fairmile Road station was the venue for the occasion.

Why the tea party was a huge success

Support: the Dorset community was hugely instrumental to the success of the event by being so supportive.

Local businesses threw their weight behind the event like Colourstone that donated £100. This helped cover the cost for paper cups, napkins and plates. The fire station officers also magnificently fully handled expenses covering coffee and tea.

Cakes were provided by Liz Cook, a Dorset cake maker. Other community members didn’t get outdone like the supermarkets, members of the watch, their families and other community stakeholders who provided cakes as well.

Other businesses provided prizes like BH Live, Two Rivers Meet Leisure Centre, Ringwood Brewery and JM Adventures.

Planning: a great deal of time went into planning the event. There was a lot of awareness on the event which explains the huge turnout. Planning for raising funds took into consideration wonderful events like the tombola and a raffle draw competition.

Why contribute to the DCCF?

Andrea Campbell who is the Charity trustee says: ‘’during very dark days, such generosity raised will make a real difference to local families’’

The DCCF was established in 2012 with the goal of bridging the gap and serving as a cushion towards families struggling financially. Grants are given to deserving Dorset-based patients and cover accommodation costs, household bills, transfer cost to and from hospitals.

Time to be counted

There is an ongoing High Five campaign people can be part of by donating £5. To achieve this, text DCCF00 £5 to 70070

Do visit dccf.co.uk for more information.

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