Some of the Most Irritating Things About Living in Bristol


There are millions of reasons to live in Bristol and to love living in Bristol. There are also times when living here is comparable to living in a hell that is more laidback on the demon torture. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for that extreme-but-not-totally-inaccurate-analogy, shall we?

  1. The Traffic Situation

Here in Bristol you can look forward to spending 90 minutes driving to work and then having to repeat the tedious road trip at the end of the day to get back home, or occasionally getting stuck for days on the Eastville roundabout. Pedestrians aren’t left out of the fun, as Bristol is one of the worst places in Britain for air quality.

  1. Our Sports Teams…Don’t Play Very Well

As one of England’s core cities, surely it shouldn’t be too much to ask that we have one sports that doesn’t consistently underachieve or outright fail? Two football teams and only one has ever been in the top flight. That was 40 years ago, and the Robins’ League one stint lasted only four years. The situation looks even bleaker when you consider that teams like Wigan, Ipswich and Swindon have competed in the premier league.

  1. Institutionalized Racism

Despite having one of the oldest and most well-established ethnic minority communities in Britain, Bristol still suffers from institutionalized racism. Black people are still more likely to get stopped and searched, arrested, be victims of crimes as well as perpetrators, end up in prison, end up excluded from school, end up unemployed.

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