Surge in Demand at Royal Cornwall Hospital’s A&E


Cornwall residents have been urged to reconsider their choice of Treliske for casualties unless they are in dire need of emergency services. They have also been encouraged to desist from allowing their health conditions to worsen before seeking medical attention from emergency units. The Royal Cornwall Hospital has recorded a substantial rise in the number of residents calling on A&E, particularly in the evening, for medical issues with no emergency needs.

The hospital administrators say they hope to sustain the running of the system as provided and have appealed to the public to maintain safety and care standards at all times.

What is the advice before heading to A&E?

  1. Ensure you report your health condition on time. You are encouraged not to wait till evening to register your condition.
  2. You are encouraged to seek advice from your pharmacy, GP or call 111 if you are unsure of whom to seek additional information from.
  3. Visit the minor injury units for cuts, fractured and broken bones. Visit the emergency unit or dial 999 only when your case is a life threating condition such as a stroke, heart attack, serious head trauma and serious bleeding.
  4. Endeavour to get your flu and pneumonia jabs!


You can read more tips here or check where to visit for treatment in Cornwall below

Check the links below for current opening times, directions and contact details.


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