Wiltshire Teenager Miranda Meldrum Recovering from Locked in Syndrome


Medical experts have expressed surprise at the pace of recovery shown by Wiltshire teenager Miranda Meldrum, has been battling Locked In Syndrome for more than a year.

The 14 year old suffered severe brain haemorrhage in April 2017 where she nearly died.   She was left paralysed and lost the ability to speak or move.

However, her brain was not affected as she retained the ability to hear, see and think as was the case before the condition.   The name of the condition stems from the fact that perfectly working mind is trapped in a body that can’t move.

Initially, Miranda’s communication with doctors and her mother, consisted of blinking at a list of letters in order to spell out words.  However, following 18 months of treatment at the Bristol Children’s Hospital, she has shown remarkable improvements.

Miranda’s nervous system now works as she can mover her arms and talk. She is still in a wheel chair but she has started on the road to getting back on her feet.  Impressively, she has resumed her singing lessons, which she last took on the day before she suffered the brain haemorrhage.

She intends to return to school in November but for now, she has returned to the Bradford on Avon Wiltshire Music Centre.


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