Yellow Warning for Rain and Wind: Met Office Points out When and Where Somerset Will Be Hit by Gales


A yellow warning for wind and rain was issued by the Met Office, saying Gale force winds were bound to hit Somerset ahead of last weekend. Gusts of up to 50-60 miles per hour were predicted.

M5 and large parts of Somerset would be affected. According to some forecasters, this storm, to be named Storm Deirdre, may become the fourth named storm in 2018.

What were to be expected?

Forecasts said that Friday, the 9th of November, would come with a spell of heavy rain and strong winds – worst after 3pm.

A band of heavy rain, widely 15-25mm (perhaps 40-60mm over high ground) would move east.  Strong winds would accompany the rain, with gusts of possibly 50mph inland, and around some coasts about 60mph.

Throughout the day in most areas, temperatures would be between 11-13 degrees, but due to the wind would feel considerably colder.

The Met Office predicted possible flooding and power cuts, with some disruptions to travel. Spray and/or large waves would likely affect some local communities, sea front, and coastal routes.

The warning applies to most of North Somerset, Taunton Deane, South Somerset, Mendip, and West Somerset.

The early evening, around 6pm, was expected to have the strongest winds, up to 47mph in Weston-super-Mare, could be up to 49mph in Watchet.

Heavy rains and winds of up to 47-48mph would hit Tauton and Yeovil from 3pm on Friday.

Though the wind would be just as strong, there would be slightly less rain in the afternoon, around Glastonbury, further inland.

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