Heathrow Proposed an additional 25,000 flights per year Ahead of New Runway Opening


After an easy win a vote on the proposal from the government on the third runway bid, Heathrow now wants thousands of more flights to operate before the runway opens.

The proposal will need to adjust the current annual cap of 480,000 flights, which is primarily the situation on Terminal 5. This will be the biggest change to the airport’s flight path since its opening in 1946.

Albeit the hopes of adding more flights, Hacan, the group that protested the expansion, have expressed their criticisms on the proposal. They say people living in West London gets lesser breaks from the airport noise. When they currently have a half day’s rest from the noise during a runway switch at 3 PM, the proposal would make the noise resting time to a third of the whole day.

Chairman John Steward said that a lot of west London will be badly hit by these proposals but there will be many other communities who will be relieved at the prospect of all-day flying coming to its end and that this amounted to a near-revolution to Heathrow’s flight path.

Emma Gilthorpe, Heathrow’s executive director for expansion stated that these proposals were necessary to ensure the airport in its optimum in the upcoming years. She also claimed that Heathrow’s aim is to design a sustainable, fair, and more efficient future airport connecting the UK to global growth, that it is crucial for the airport’s plans maximized the benefits of expansion across the country, and working in partnership with their neighbors is just one way of ensuring they do so.

She added that they are committed to deliver the proposal responsibly and encourage the public to have a say and take part in the airport’s developments

Everyone has the chance to air their concerns and comments to the proposals until March 4.