Housing Extension Proposed in a Farmland in Rural Dorset

Photo by David McBee from Pexels

A plan has been proposed for the development of a 21 – home housing extension that will be located in farmland in Milborne St. Andrew. The application was submitted by Messrs Butt as it seeks permission in building the project located at the eastern edge of a village across Milton Road.

The scheme which is dubbed as a “natural housing extension” to the said village will have 21 two-story houses– 10 of them will be made affordable to the public. The 11 remaining houses will be priced at the current rate of the market. GDV Strategic Land Promotion submitted a statement as part of the application said that the levels of the land being proposed are not suitable for farming use as it is a part of the plot which was developed into what is currently known as the Brooklands estate.

The application also added that the proposed home will be integrated naturally to the regular homes of the village. Furthermore, the application also proposes to change the public footpath that can be found and run into the middle of the site.

There had been a number of proposals for new housing development projects that were submitted in the last few months. Among the proposals submitted include a housing application to build a total of 157 homes, a pre-school, and a doctor’s surgery center. These applications are still pending, waiting for the city council and its planning officers’ approval.

Just last year, a proposal for a 30-home housing development at the opposite end of the village was rejected by the council because of several reasons. One councilor pointed out that the proposed development of the affordable homes was heavily criticized as the layout was described as “ghetto-style”.

This latest scheme must be approved by the planning officers before the May 28 deadline.


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