How you can become a specialist Parent and Child foster carer in Cornwall


There’s an urgent need for foster carers across the country.

Being a parent can be a difficult job, and for different reasons, some parents require extra help to bring up their children. Parent and Child foster care givers provide this help by giving young parents advice and support as well as providing them with the opportunity to parent their children successfully.

How does Parent and Child foster care work? The parents and their children live with a specialist carer for a short placement period, often 12 weeks. The carers support the family, assess the parents’ abilities, and teach them everything from making formula to supervising bath time. During this period, they also observe, record and share the parents’ child care skills. Parents can also record their comments. These observations will later help the family’s decision making on parenting.

To carers like Janet, their work is extremely rewarding. For Janet, the best possible outcome is when parents leave her home having formed a great bond with their children, and with the ability to properly parent the children.  Although the process may not be easy but it’s worth it.

If you are interested in becoming a Child and Parent foster carer, or in becoming a foster carer for vulnerable children and young people in Cornwall, contact Cornwall Council’s Fostering Service to find out more.



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