Hundreds of people marched and hold a funeral through Glastonbury in Somerset


A funeral march takes place on Saturday and the Glastonbury town centre was halted as a result.

Almost 300 people walked and marched throughout the town centre to hold a funeral as a tribute for the dozens of birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish that has been extinct since 1970 because of human activities.

The event’s organizers had said that a coffin is used to symbolize the various animals’ death along with the other 200 species currently at the danger of extinction.

Some activists have been seen holding signs and posters in the air and wearing masks that resemble a badger, while a huge “stop extinction banner” was placed at the front of the parade.

The march started from Market Cross and was initiated by a funeral celebrant, Marisa Picardo. It lasted for an hour.

The march was halted to put flowers and wreath at St. John’s Church in commemoration of all of the extinct species.  Outside of the Town Hall, people also made speeches.

A letter was read out in the crowd by the academic and political activist Noam Chomsky as support of Extinction Rebellion after the parade returned to Market Cross.

The speakers of the parade encouraged the government to make a law that would reduce the emissions of carbon to 0% by 2025 and collaborate with the media about telling the truth of climate change.

The town councilor of Green Party Glastonbury, Lindsay MacDougall told everyone to address climate change using all of our intelligence.

She also mentions the importance of educating the public about issues of species extinction, overconsumption, and pollution.