In Shepton Mallet, a man admits supplying “Magic Mushroom”


A man admitted supplying Magic Mushroom (a drug in a form of tablet) to the people of Shepton Mallet.

Adam Peter Lawrence, a 25-year-old resident of Slough admits of supplying drugs to a group of people last summer.

Mr. Lawrence who is currently residing at Hazlemere Road, Slough appeared in the court of Somerset Magistrates at Yeovil, England.

The suspect pleaded guilty of supplying a number of a Class A drugs with the scientific name of hydroxymethyltryptamine last July 6, 2018.

The defendant was arrested and charged with supplying Class A drugs to others but said was driven to do so because of financial reasons, stated Prosecutor Emma Lenanton, a prosecutor at Yeovil.

Although Mr. Lawrence admitted of supplying the aforementioned substances, he then added that the drugs were given to his friends at Shepton Mallet.

However, even if the defendant had pleaded guilty, Prosecutor Lenanton was not able to accept his basis of plea, thus suggesting the movement of the case to the Crown Court to be sentenced by a judge– the prosecutor was doubtful of the defendant’s alibis.

Defending solicitor Ray Peters mentioned that he humbly accepted the case that it will have to be brought up to a higher court and that it would be best to leave the case to the judge to see if there will be a change to the sentence made by the Somerset Magistrates.

The Magistrates approved the notion and postponed the case until March 1, 2019, where Mr. Lawrence must appear at Taunton Crown Court.

The officials also directed order of the Probation Service to ready the defendant of a pre-sentence report. This order will assist the judge, and until the hearing comes, he will then be released under unconditional bail.


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