Incoming Warm Air from Africa to Hit the UK: How Will It Affect Gloucestershire?


MET Office and Weather Channel reported that warm air will hit the majority of the UK. The warm temperatures and shimmering sunshine will feel like its spring season every day of the month, and it will be as if winter has already departed, especially in Gloucestershire. In a week, it is said that there will be no rains, and the mercury is expected to hit 15 degrees Celsius in the coming days. It is also expected that the sun will shine brightly throughout the days.

It’s all due to the warm air coming from Africa, making its way up through the European continent. The UK will experience above average temperatures. According to a spokesperson from The Weather Channel, high pressure will dominate UK’s weather patterns in the weeks to come, but there will still be slight cloudiness and light rains at certain times in the west and north.

The average temperatures will increase by 5 to 8 degrees Celsius. Maximum temperatures will reach around 12 to 16 degrees Celsius. During the weekends, the temperature will decrease slightly but will remain above average. After a week, high pressures will hover above the North Sea which will continue to give Britain warm and sunny weather.

Gloucestershire’s 14-Day Weather forecast from Weather Channel:

  • FRI         AM Clouds/PM Sun   14C 6C
  • SAT        Mostly Cloudy           15C 5C
  • SUN       Partly Cloudy            14C 3C
  • MON     Mostly Sunny             15C 3C
  • TUE        Sunny                      15C 5C
  • WED      Sunny                       15C 6C
  • THU       Mostly Cloudy            13C 7C
  • FRI         AM Clouds / PM Sun   13C 8C
  • SAT        Showers                    13C 7C
  • SUN       Showers                    12C 5C
  • MON    Showers                       12C 5C
  • TUE        Showers                    12C 5C
  • WED      Showers                     11C 6C
  • THU       Showers                     11C 6C

It’s best to prepare your light clothes such as sleeveless, tank tops, and shorts and wear sunglasses when taking a walk outdoors. Also, stay hydrated at all times.


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