Irresponsible dog owner convicted after failing to pick up pet’s poop


North Somerset Magistrates Court in Weston has convicted Carl Davies, a dog owner, for his failure to pick up dog’s poop on public lawns in Weston-super-Mare. The violations of Mr. Davies were filmed by a local resident in the area where he was said to have walked his dog. 

He was earlier brought to court after three counts of his failure to become responsible for his dog’s waste and his disregard for the penalties charged unto him. He was well-reminded that the Beach Lawns, the public lawns where the offense took place, is a protected property and his irresponsible act of leaving his pet’s poop behind is a punishable offense. He was found guilty after thorough investigation of his actions along with the recorded video of him committing the offense. The video evidence was contested in court by Mr. Davies counsel but was accepted later on, which led to the court’s decision of imposing fines for each count of violations he had made. He was fined a total of £4,203. 

Previous actions were made by the North Somerset Council regarding this matter. However, he refused to pay the penalties of his actions. The council has decided to bring prosecute him at court to correct his actions and impose this as lessons to pet owners in the area. The council also reminded everyone that this irresponsible act of not picking up pet’s poop and not throwing it in designated bins could bring them to severe and unwanted consequences, like what had happened to Mr. Davies. 

The conviction of Mr. Davies was seen as a powerful and strong warning to every pet owner to become more responsible of their pet’s activities, including the proper disposal of their pet’s poop, especially when walking in public areas. North Somerset Councillor, Peter Bryant, also expressed his belief that this conviction would remind everyone of their responsibilities as pet owners. 


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