Jack Delany’s Girlfriend Acted on Self Defence; Denies Murder


Jack Delany’s girlfriend who was accused of his murder denies any wrongdoing as she acted on self-defense according to her testimony in the Bristol Crown Court for the continuation of her retrial which is now on its second week. Dee Lawrence told the court that she stabbed him because she feels that the victim was about to do the same.

It was recalled that in the early morning of April 16 last year, Jack Delany died at the suspect’s flat in Columbia Close, Gloucester after being stabbed in the evening of April 15. The victim who has been living with the accused suffered a cardiac arrest after sustaining a 2 cm wound. He was admitted at the Bristol’s Southmead Hospital but died a few hours later.

Ms. Lawrence had previously told the police authorities that an unknown assailant came into the flat and stabbed him. This was proven to be not true during the defense questioning in the early part of the trial. The 32-year old girlfriend admitted that she stabbed the victim with a sharp kitchen utensil after Delany tried to stab her with a knife.

The couple who had started their relationship in 2016 was doing well, but the court record shows they were both heavy drinkers and drug users. Relationship problems and frequent fighting have resulted in violent attacks as Ms. Lawrence accused the victim of being paranoid and was always jealous of other men. There was even a time that the victim spent time in the prison after slapping and punching her. She said that she still took him after coming out of the prison as he had no one and no other place to live.

The court had also heard of Mr. Jack Delany being a drug dealer and has several knives strategically situated in the flat for protection.


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