Judicial Review on Sexual Harassment Complaints against Alex Salmond


Alex Salmond, the former first minister of Scotland who served his term from 2007 to 2014, is continuing to face legal battles regarding two sexual harassment complaints filed against him. These misconduct complaints allegedly occurred while he was serving his term as the first minister in the year 2013. However, these complaints were lodged against him only in January 2018 after the Scottish Government had issued a publication regarding new procedures in handling complaints relating to sexual harassment cases involving current or former ministers.

Since then, he has strongly denied the allegations against him. He tendered his resignation from the Scottish National Party (SNP) in August 2018, and he later appealed to the public to help him raise the funds needed for him to be able to lodge a judicial review.

The civil judicial review is mainly focused on questioning the manner by which the Scottish government handled the investigation of the complaints filed against him specifically on the manner by which the inquiry was conducted by the civil service. Mr. Salmond relies on his allegations that he was not granted a fair and just process to which he is entitled to since he was not given the opportunity to see and thus he was not able to properly challenge the cases filed against him.

The judicial review will have no bearing whatsoever on the ongoing police investigation. The police inquiry will continue to proceed independently while the judicial review will be conducted.

On the other hand, the Scottish Government stands by its decision in the investigation of Alex Salmond. It believes that the approach done by the government was proper and legal and thus the government’s action will be to contest the court action.

A four-day hearing has been set to begin on January 15 of this year before the Court of Session in Edinburgh.