Kitesurfer Dies As Storm Erik Hits Devon


An unidentified man was injured on the Saunton Sands beach in Devon.

The man was rushed airlifted to North Devon District Hospital but was later confirmed dead.

A spokesman for Cornwall and Devon Police said: “This incident is not being treated as suspicious at this stage.”

This is the third death in the UK and the second in Devon as Storm Erik hit the country.

The man died when his car was hit by a falling tree in A384 Buckfastleigh on Friday.

A woman in another car was also hit by the exact same tree and was rescued by firefighters and taken to hospital with minor injuries.

On the same day, a van driver died after he crashed on a fallen tree on B4306 in west Wales.

On the early morning of Friday, a jet stream with winds of 56mph hit the UK, and it was named Erik.

On Saturday, the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning due to strong winds covering most of the area of Wales, southern Scotland, and central and northern England.

Northern Scotland was also issued with a separate weather warning for heavy rain.

According to reports, western Scotland and northern Ireland faced strong winds of 70mph.

There are heavy downpours in Scotland, and they can result in flooding that may cause delays to bus and train services.

According to the Met office, some communities may not have flooded roads, so residents may not worry much.

On Thursday evening, Erik blew Ireland with waves crashing over the harbour walls and washing over the sea view in Galway. The Irish coasted then reminded the residents of Ireland to stay away from beaches, piers, cliffs, and harbour walls.

On the brighter side, some parts of the UK like Wales has only experienced low-level rains and gusts.


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