Large “Ghost Net” Found Washed Up in a Cornwall Beach

Photo by Bedis ElAcheche from Pexels

A large “ghost net” was found on a popular beach in Cornwall last month. The administration of the Marazion beach which is located in Cornwall releases several images that show a large and used fishing net which was found in the beachfront and is believed to have been left or discarded by a fisherman. The net was so huge that it took six people more than two hours of cutting the whole net to be able to remove it from the beach.

The “ghost net” will be turned over to the Ghost Fishing Charity UK, a non-government organization which will help in recycling the “ghost net”, hoping to convert it into a carpet or a kayak.

According to Connie Morris of the Mounts Bay Marine Group, the huge “ghosts net” was seen washed up in the beach a couple of weeks ago. The members of the Mounts Bay Marine Group decided to secure the net last Wednesday and placed it under a rock while waiting for the weather to get better before deciding to remove it from the beach front. She added that her organization is working together with the Ghost Fishing UK in collecting all “ghosts net” that was found on the beach and recycle it into a more useful material. According to her, the organization wants to show to the people to do something in cleaning and preserving the bay area.

There had been many instances that large nets were seen washed up on several popular beaches around the country. Several organizations have been trying to make an effort in collecting all the nets as it poses risk to marine life in general. The name “ghost net” came up a few years ago which refers to all regular nets that have been left or lost by the fisherman at sea during their fishing activities.



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