Local hiring in a seafood company declines, company now starts outsourcing overseas


A Devon seafood company, Blue Sea Food, is considering overseas processing after the company was having a hard time hiring people in the locality.

The company has been processing seafood products for a long time now and is receiving more demands of their products in the country. In fact, in the next 12 months, it will be processing 1,000 tonnes of crabs. With the current number of processing personnel in the company, the seafood processing business will be struggling and will not meet the demand for their products. They have been planning to send their products over to Vietnam for processing after failing to hire any more workers within the locality.

The company has already gone to their extremes to hire people. They have been setting up hiring notices almost everywhere, even in local shops, but they simply could not get applicants within the area. The company’s director, Dawn Spencer, explained that the role is not quite appealing or sexy and people just simply do not want to do it. People have just been looking for jobs better than working in this type of working conditions, and this worries the economic industries in the locality, especially food processing companies in the region.

Attributed to this issue is the end of the freedom of movement for EU workers, as this is caused by the working provisions in the country, including low wages for extremely hard work.

BBC’s regional show Inside Out South West will air a documentary on this workforce scenario on Monday at 7:30 PM.