Local schools to receive recycled items from city of Bristol

Balls Basketballs Colorful Ball Basketball

The city of Bristol encourages its residents to donate items that are no longer used in their household rather than disposing of them. Most especially, toys that were owned and played by teenagers during their younger years are very much appreciated.

According to Lindsey Rivers, an analyst for Bristol Public Works, most of the residents have tons of items just lying idle in their household and garage draped by dust and cobwebs. She added that instead of throwing them away in the garbage, donate them to City Hall, and City Hall will donate them to local schools so that the pupils will have something to play with during their break-time and lunch-time. She also added that this cause is not only for the benefit of local schools but for Mother Nature as well.

Lindsey Rivers is the mastermind behind this noble cause; the motivation that drove her to conduct this collection of recycled items is when her son’s teacher asked for used items for their school.

Fortunately, last Thursday, the second day of collecting donations, they have already received a full bin of sports balls such as tennis balls, soccer balls, basketballs, and other ordinary balls. Lindsey hopes for more to come.

Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, mayor of Bristol, said that collecting recyclable items and donating them is a great help for the city’s budget. Ever since China stopped receiving recyclable items including those from the US, there was nowhere else to place them, so they were forced to dispose of them, and it costs a large chunk of money.

Residents who want to donate their old items can do so until the end of April. They can drop their items off on North Main Street in Bristol City Hall at the Department of Public Works.


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