Lorry blow-out and vehicle breakdown caused major traffic jam on A38


Inrix, a road monitoring service, had earlier reported the lorry incident between B3344 in Chudleigh Knighton and A382 in Drum Bridges before 5 PM on Wednesday. This had put a slower traffic situation in the area and other motorists were advised to proceed to a different route. Those currently in the said highway were stuck on traffic until the blow-out issue has been fixed. 

 The affected lorry had been traveling towards Plymouth along the regular traffic until the unexpected tire blow-out happened that puts the vehicle on full stop. The lane where the lorry incident took place was closed. Major traffic slowdowns were now monitored, as the highway was closed to have the tires replaced. As of the moment, traffic has resumed in the area but was currently picking up slow paces. Traffic advisory continued to advise motorist to take a different route in heading to Plymouth as authorities try to resume traffic speed on A38 highway. 

 As of this evening, traffic is picking up speed but in slow paces. Traffic authorities were hopeful that this would soon go back to normal in the next 24 hours. The said lorry had now been replaced of its tires and had gone on its way but another vehicle has been reported to have broken down in the area which caused the delay of traffic this evening. Traffic authorities were closely monitoring the road situation in A38 within the next 24 hours to observe the cases of vehicles experiencing tire or engine failures, though this has rarely happened in the said highway ever since. 

 So far, no other vehicles were found to have broken down along the road as of the moment. The second vehicle to have broken down has been fixed and has continued along with the current traffic. Traffic authorities were positive that traffic should resume momentarily tonight. 


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