Major Gloucester road project could affect region’s traffic for another two months


Since August, the junction between Oxstalls Lane and Cheltenham Road has been closed for road traffic improvement. 

This traffic improvement project, according to the county council, has been projected to finish on March 13. However, there was news that the completion date would be moved to May 9. The reasons for the delay in the road project remains unknown. The delay of the project’s completion would mean a continuation of the traffic problems in Wellsprings and Rydal road and for motorists in completely ignoring the detour signs on the said junction, which diverts the traffic through Old Cheltenham Road. More drivers in the section were now complaining about the road project delay and would complain even more knowing that the project would be delayed for another two months. Councilor Paul James of Gloucester City Council has expressed his sentiment, saying that the city’s residents were already fed up with the temporary traffic system and that there was nothing that legally stops cars to go down Rydal Road and Wellsprings Road. 

Road diversion advisories were posted as part of the ongoing road improvement project on the junction. Albeit the protest of the city drivers and motorists, the diversion still remains effective until the project has been completed and deemed passable. Two advisories were posted, one from each point of origin, which is from Cheltenham City and Gloucester City and vice versa. The contractor and the city council has been assuring the public that the improvement project would make road traffic better in the city and help ease traffic situations even better. The construction had focused on working with the underground cables and infrastructures that aimed to improve traffic flow in the region, specifically in the junction area. 

No statement had been made by the assigned contractor of the project regarding the two-month delay. 


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