Man evades jailtime for ‘exceptional case’ on having sex with underage girlfriend


Truro Crown Court on Wednesday has given a man, 24, no prison time for his case six years ago in having sex with his ex-girlfriend, who was 15 back then. 

Judge Robert Linford had heard both sides of the case yet had not sentenced the prosecuted man to jail time due to the insignificant delay of the case, which had been four years since the incident was reported.

The prosecution and defense barristers have proclaimed that the delay was not duly caused by their sides, as their clients were all undergoing certain periods of convalescence on the pressure of the investigation. Prosecuting barrister Joss Ticehurst had presented the case of the girl, who is now 21 years old, who has been experiencing trauma after malicious intent of the man to have intercourse with her, even when she is not in the mood to do it. She admitted how she simply propelled to her ex-boyfriend’s wishes to have intercourse with her to appease him and to stop his ranting. 

The defendant’s barrister, Julia Cox, however, made certain points on the consensus of the actions and, that, both had agreed to have sex to accept the case as rape or anything closer to it. Also, the defendant has been claimed to be experiencing the pressure of the investigation as well and has been taking in medications to continue functioning normally in the troubling investigation. 

Amidst the presentation of the case, the presiding judge has taken note of the duration of the case to be excessively long due to the slow movement of the investigation of police ever since the woman confessed the incident to her superiors. As such, the case has been classified as exceptional, and the prosecuted wasn’t sentenced to jail time. However, he is still sentenced to render 200 hours of unpaid time in the community and other social services. The case has been closed as of today. 


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