MET Office Gives Warning of Second Beast from the East This 2019


Britain is now facing another icy snap that was found to be very similar to the Beast from the East cold wave that struck Britain and Ireland last February 2018. The new icy snap is suspected to hit sometime during the end of the month bringing about icy winds, snowstorms, and below zero temperatures.

According to the MET Office, the next few days will see cold but stable temperatures, and some parts of the UK will be experiencing temperatures of 50 Fahrenheit sometime by the weekend. Following that would be colder weather and stronger winds. This sudden change in weather is caused by stratospheric warming somewhere in the Arctic that happened during Christmas. Due to this, a lot of cold air traveled toward Europe. This incident is very similar to what happened February last year that sparked the Beast from the East.

Last year, the cold spell which was dubbed The Beast from the East came about due to an anticyclonic structure from Russia which found its way to Europe and some parts of Asia. This incident became a red snow warning causing heavy landfalls and sub-zero temperatures. The cold spell was combined with the strong Storm Emma turning the cold spell into a very powerful and cold storm.

The MET Office reports that they discovered very similar weather pattern coming from the same direction and source as the last Beast from the East. The country will be expecting very cold temperatures and heavy snowstorms. To respond to that, some local governments have already started preparing the roads in order to prevent car accidents.

This new cold spell is expected by forecasters to enter at the end of January to the beginning of February although it is not expected to be as bad as the last Beast from the East of 2018.