Millions of Pounds had Gone to Waste on Disposing Hospital Mobility Equipment


Crutches, wheelchairs, and other mobility equipment were thrown away rather than cleaned up and refurbished for use to new patients. 

Mobility equipment and other daily living aids valuing up to £17.5 million were being ordered for disposal, and most beneficiaries who were returning their used mobility equipment were asked to keep them or throw them away as government health institutions and agencies no longer want them. BBC’s Inside Out program has released a documentary on this case and had been interviewing several individuals on their experience on returning this equipment and what the receiving agency commented about it. It has been noted that around £207 million were spent on these mobility equipment sets as part of daily living aids dispensed to everyone who takes advantage of it. These living aid kits were provided by hospital trusts and authorities in the locality. 

Wiltshire has been one of the counties that were actively dispersing these daily living aids to qualified individuals. However, the case on the disposal of these kits after use was defended by Wiltshire Council. Councillor Ian Hudspeth, who chairs the Community Wellbeing Board, had explained that recycling the equipment sets given wouldn’t be cost effective. The cost of cleaning and refurbishing would cost more than the total value of the equipment itself and the Council had also been balancing their financial scales to make every budget meet its purpose. 


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