Monster Coming to Somerset


The world champion of cranes, the SGC-250, will make Hinkley Point C (the pilot nuclear power station that will generate 3, 260MW of electricity over 60 years and generate 25,000 new jobs at a whopping £20 billion), Somerset home for four years, starting in 2019. This is according to its developer, Sarens, the Belgium heavy-lifting specialists. In size and capacity, it trumps anything else related to it and will feature significantly in Sarens’ construction work beyond Hinkley point C.

The crane will serve at Hinkley Point C from three different positions, utilising its unique on-site relocation system.


The SGC-250 was unveiled to certain fanfare on this November in Ghent displaying sheer power and the utmost dexterity. With a maximum load moment of 250,000 tonne-metres, it can hoist 5,000 tonnes. At a maximum boom length of 160 metres, it will travel along six kilometres of rail specially prepared for it at the nuclear site. Before that though, its numerous parts will require the service of hundreds of trucks (around 280) for the trip from Ghent to Somerset. A sheer monstrosity.

Experience with cranes will not guarantee a job on the SGC-250. Riggers and crane operators have been specially trained in preparation.

To minimize disruptions, lifts may be done at night using the SGC-250’s anti-collision system as during the day at least 52 tower cranes will be hard at work. The range of lifts will include 50t to 1,150t and typical elements will be prefab concrete, steel structures and reactor equipment directly from each prefabrication position.

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