More Energy Efficient Building in Bath



The launch of a new green policy means new buildings in Bath and North East Somerset must be energy-efficient and fitting to combat climate change.

The sustainable construction checklist for Bath & North East Somerset details how new developments can meet the climate change policy.

The checklist highlights a number of issues which include a benchmark stating all new buildings must meet a 19 percent diminution in carbon emission.

Larger buildings must achieve a 10 percent benchmark reduction in carbon dioxide emission.

The policy states development of new buildings must be sustainable for the future; this is to avoid buildings overheating. Building in the future should be able to reduce their usage of water, and production of waste. It aims at a future where reusable materials are put to use more often.

Cabinet member for Development and Neighbourhoods Bob Goodman said sustainable construction costs are falling rapidly. He referenced the council’s model of building the Keynsham Civic Centre in an energy efficient way, while cutting cost. He said the council will use its powers to make sure other buildings follow the pattern.

Cabinet member for Transport and Environment Mark Shelford made known the council’s plans to cut-down district-wide carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 45 percent before 2029. He said buildings in the future would be of better quality, healthier and more comfortable. Most importantly, they’ll be less costly.

Shelford went further to state that buildings in the area in the near future are likely to have and use renewable source of energy.


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