More Women Hospitalized Due to Alcohol in Dorset


Alcohol intake has already been a practice for several years. People drink alcohol to mingle with friends or simply to unwind after a stressful day at work. Drinking in moderation is highly advised when consuming alcoholic drinks as overdosing one’s self can be detrimental to the health, yet some people neglect this warning and continue consuming beyond their threshold until they end up in the hospital due to intolerable or complicated side effects.

In Dorset, admission rates due to alcohol intoxication are still predominated by men. However, as the population of men admitted for alcohol-related issues is gradually decreasing after being stagnant for years, the number of women undergoing the said issue is increasing.

A comparison between the years 2016-2017 to 2017-2018 is conducted to demonstrate admissions related to alcohol for men and women. The former shows a decrease in rate, ranging from 689 down to 655 per 100,000 population whereas the latter depicts an increase from 437 to 440.

People between 40 to 64 years of age have the highest admission rate. According to Dr. David Bonner, those individuals from a lower socio-economic group are most likely to suffer the harmful effect of alcohol, even with their low consumption rate.

Despite its taste, there are also people who have formed an addiction towards alcohol. LiveWell Dorset service offers help for alcohol-addicted individuals through short interventions and behavior changes coaching. Alcohol-dependent people can undergo treatment through NHS.

Neglecting alcohol addiction can impose lifelong health risks or even death. Health issues include liver and kidney damage. Apparently, too much alcohol can permanently scar the liver and eventually develop liver diseases. If left unaided, this would ultimately lead to death. On the other hand, alcohol disrupts the normal function of kidneys. As a result of too much alcohol in the system, the kidney fails to properly filter your blood from harmful substances.


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