Moving-out Week triggers Anger for “Student Rubbish”


Bristol has been plagued with all the garbage because of the University student’s moving-out-week. Areas such as Bishopston, Montpelier, and High Kingsdown had been a waste dumping site as reported to the Bristol City Council.

Numerous calls were made regarding the “moving-out-fly-tipping season” as several citizens pointed this out as the reason for this rubbish frenzy.

Campaigns, images, and tweets flocked Twitter to call out he fly-tipping incidents. “Keep Bristol Tidy,” and “And so it begins,” alongside images of unwanted belongings, suitcases, bottles of beer, and several boxes scattered on the streets are flooding on social media today.

Mr. Arne Wringner, owner of The Lido in Clifton, expressed his disappointment on the university students living along St Michael’s Hill in High Kingsdown, which left a huge amount of litter last Thursday. When asked how these litter are attributed to university students, he said he often sees students not following the rules on taking out their trash and, at the end of the year, they dump their waste outside of their homes. On top of that, it is generally students who stay in the said areas.

Universities located in Bristol like Bristol University and the University of the West of England are being called out to pay for the cleaning of streets. There are student fees paid to universities that should be used by the Bristol City Council in funding the cleaning of their student’s waste.

They have responded saying that educational campaigns are already existing in their campuses.

Bristol University answered the claims saying, “Our community liaison team delivers campaigns and awareness-raising to our students to inform them about Bristol’s waste and recycling procedures.”

While the University of West England responded, they inform their students in different types of media: social networking sites, brochures, leaflets, etc. Moreover, they have a community liaison team which is responsible for responding to complaints about their students.

The British City Council is yet to give their response on the matter.




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