New Service to Support Newly Pregnant Mums in Gloucestershire


Recently, the Gloucestershire County Council teamed up with Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire to launch its new program Gloucestershire Better Births, a program that is backed by the city’s council.

The aim of it is to help pregnant women and families make better choices and have healthier pregnancies. From stopping bad habits such as smoking to helping them manage their weight, this program will support women during each stage of their pregnancy. This includes the actual birth and up to two years after, helping women and their families adjust during this critical period in their new lives.

The council created the program after the National Health Service released a study that showed many women were not prepared for pregnancy and thus had deficiencies in their diet, leading to an unhealthy pregnancy– something which could cause difficulties and serious illnesses for their children later in life.

The study also showed that women from lower income households are more prone to health problems and less educated regarding proper prenatal nutrition. This new initiative hopes to address that issue by providing the support they otherwise couldn’t get.

The Gloucestershire City Council cabinet minister for Public Health and Communities, Tim Harman, said that they just want to give all children the best start possible and that this program will help them and their families, especially with their long-term health.

The outcome manager of Public Health at Gloucestershire County Council, Tracy Marshall, also said that it’s very important to support women during their pregnancies because this will assure that their child will have the best start in life. With this, they aim to make a difference and provide support, especially with families who need it the most.

It will be carried out through the Healthy Lifestyles service, working with midwives and general practitioners to ensure that the program’s goal is achieved.


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