New Somerset Village Connects Residents to Sustainable Energy


The South Western Housing Society has developed 12 affordable homes in a quiet Somerset village to connect the community to lower cost housing and energy. In September, the mixed development of 1-bedroom flats and 3 and 2-bedroom semi-detached houses and bungalows was met with enthusiasm from the local community who hailed the Housing Society for its contribution to much-needed local, affordable and energy-efficient housing.

“Our commitment to providing good quality, high performing homes is one of the golden threads that runs through our business. It is testament to the project teams open relationship that we have been able to deliver these affordable homes and help families stay connected to their local area,” Donna Johnson, Chief Executive of South Western Housing Society, said in a statement.

The developers employed the services of Cornish ground source heat pump manufacturer, Kensa Heat Pumps, and their delivery partner Kensa Contracting, to utilise the freely-occurring heat available in the ground as a source for guaranteed heat and hot water to the new properties.

According to Paul Davies, Senior Surveyor at developers of Tuckers Close, E G Carter & Co Ltd,

“This has been a fantastic advertisement for collaborative working to deliver these beautiful new homes to the village of Mark. The new homes are excellent examples of great design and the embodiment of modern technology to ensure they sit well with the local character and tradition. The properties’ Kensa ground source heat pumps will bring the community and South Western Housing Society long term.”

With its decision to install a non-combustion heat source in the form of ground source heat pumps, as opposed to LPG or gas, the development in Mark is expected to prevent the equivalent of over 132kg of harmful local NOx emissions, and 539 tonnes of CO2, with a SAP rating of 87-90B.


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