News industry chiefs calls for public support on the local newspapers


A news review organization, Cairncross Review, had just called in major newspaper companies and the public to show their full support to local news, amidst the growth of major news sources, especially online news, and social networking sites. 

The CEO of Newsquest Media Group, Henry Faure Walker, had welcomed the government-backed review organization in seeking greater public support on local news and initiatives’ expansion such as Local Democracy Reporter scheme that had been funded by BBC to support local and regional news. The support to local news is essential, according to Dame Cairncross, especially when this is an important area in journalism to maintain or improve the health of local democracy. She also reiterated on how urgent this matter is going and how actions must be taken to maintain such equilibrium. Mr. Walker has pointed out that this focus now rests its future to the Government to make bold and ambitious actions to support local journalism. 

The review organization, alongside the hopes and initiatives of local journalist groups in the region, aims to bring forward a lot of recommendations to sustain local journalism. Programs such as Public Interest News and public consultations and investigations regarding Facebook and Google’s dominance on information sources should be taken into action to maintain the essence of local journalism. 


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