North Street and Somerset Road Junction in Ashford Needs to be Reassessed


Proposals have been made regarding the need for another safety review of a road junction in Ashford. Such proposals were prompted by the recent road accidents involving 3 pedestrians all hit by cars.

The latest accident in North Street and Somerset road junction involved a young boy who was hit by a Ford Fiesta. Another accident which happened a month ago involved a woman, who, after being struck by a car, was immediately brought to the hospital. Just weeks after that accident, another one followed right at the same spot that involved a pensioner who suffered from a head injury.

The junction was already re-designed last 2016 and the Kent County Council in fact spent thousands for the project. The residents, however, are saying that another redesigning should be done given the recent accidents.

Val Smith, a motorist from Quantock Drive, suggests that the heads should really re-evaluate the road junction since the crossing leaves the drivers quite confused as to when they can really cross. Such suggestion was being agreed upon by James Bowden, another motorist from Canterbury Road, saying that the traffic lights are not any more functional since motorists do not anymore follow them. He even added that there needs to be strict enforcement of traffic rules.

However, other residents believe that full responsibility should lie still on the pedestrians themselves when they cross the road. Oliver Cook, a Kennington resident, said that although traffic lights could be confusing sometimes, as a pedestrian, you should wait for the signal light to turn. This statement was supported by Rosie Brown, a resident from South Ashford, saying that people will remain safe as long as they follow the traffic lights properly.

The County Council of Kent emphasized that the upgrade work made on the junction last 2016 was truly an extensive one, which impliedly suggests that it’s not really the design that’s directly causing the accidents.


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