Operation Allied Wolf Snared 46 Vehicles in Devon Roads Clampdown

Photo by Jiarong Deng from Pexels

A two-day operation called Operation Allied Wolf was conducted by police authorities across the South Devon roads last month that targeted undesirable motorists who present great danger and risks to road users.

There were several drivers that were apprehended on several offenses including driving without a license, excessive speed, driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks or prohibited drugs, driving with damage or worn-out tires and other related driving offenses. On the other hand, a total of 46 vehicles got seized due to the absence of insurance policy in which the owner needs to renew their cover and settle the recovery fee before getting their car back.

The operation which was conducted last February 27 and 28 saw all Alliance Roads Policing officers from Devon, Dorset, and Cornwall working hand-in-hand. According to Inspector Simon Jenkinson, the Operation Allied Wolf is one of the many successful activities that the police authorities from the said places are doing to promote safety and peace to the general public in their area of jurisdiction. He later added that the purpose of the operation is to apprehend and locate motorists and drivers who pose danger to other road users and to themselves as well.

It was disclosed that The Operation Allied Wolf was conducted through the Alliance Road Department which conducts road policing through various teams working together with the help of the Peninsular Road Safety Partnership using mobile and static speed detection cameras in performing its operation. In Cornwall and Devon, the operation is conducted through the Alliance Road Policing, Alliance Road Policing Specials, No Excuse, and the Road Crime Unit.

The operation saw the teams deployed on several crucial locations including Teignbridge, Torbay, and South Hams, which focused on the major routes in the region.







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