Overcrowded Cornwall May Soon Be the Norm


The type of agreement reached with the EU will determine how much Cornwall will benefit from Britain’s tourists staycation. How much Cornwall stands to benefit and the sustainability of this development is uncertain. A no deal Brexit could signal to overseas tourists that they are not welcome in Britain even though things are moving along in the tourism industry, because of this; tourism chiefs in the Duchy said they are not too worried about the situation after March of next year.

The chief executive of Visit Cornwall, Malcolm Bell says the Cornwall tourism industry will always welcome visitors and offer them the best they have. He says “We’ve had crises before; dynamic businesses have to be resilient. At the moment everyone in the sector is waiting and watching. There is no huge panic because bookings for next year at this time of the year are up. However there is a feeling that the Brexit proceedings are dragging on and that causes uncertainty. No one likes uncertainty.”

While there are several tourism stakeholders who share Malcolm Bell’s opinion that foreign visitors will be hesitant to come to Britain and that a no deal exit may lead to a recession, other believe that the situation is not all doom and gloom like Malcolm Herring, owner of the Blue Hayes Hotel in St Ives, he said only 5% of his guests are from outside Britain and only one those guests is choosing to not book for next year.

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