Owners of Gallifford Stores Limited Found Guilty of Food Safety Issues


Local fresh fruits and meat shops around town are a staple establishments townsmen cannot live without. Ensuring the viability of the produce and products makes a store trusted. However, a famous store named Galliford Stores Limited in Bath Buildings off Picton Street has been called out for sanitary and food safety issues.

Directors of the store, Jamil Ahmed and Saghir Ahmed, were found guilty of 13 offences under the Food Safety and Hygiene Act at Bristol Magistrates’ Court. Jamil Ahmed is a resident of Hambrook while his co-director Saghir Ahmed is a resident of Montpelier. For more than 16 months, Bristol officers have visited the local store and have found several foods unsafe for sale. On one occasion, there have been at least 49 food items found unsafe but are on sale. In addition, several rat droppings and mouse activities have been found inside the shop.

Proper maintenance and cleaning were not observed in the shop. Councillor Kye Dudd, Cabinet Member, declared that the owners have failed to act on basic checks for food businesses despite the many opportunities given. Also, such state is unsafe for patrons and customers. The store will be closed down while the owners will be scheduled for sentencing this coming February 14th.

The public is encouraged to report shops that have similar filthy conditions to the authorities. Ensuring the safety and cleanliness of produce and goods is essential to the town’s health.  Report Food Safety issues to Bristol City Council by email at [email protected] or via phone call: 0117 922 2500.