Parents move to raise money to keep community schools open in Wiltshire


They were given twenty-five days to collect money to pay for legal fees intended for launching the cause of keeping Larkrise and St. Nicholas special schools open. 

Wiltshire Council has planned to create a state-of-the-art school but will cost the closure of these special schools that the community believes will bring forth the sense of belongingness to their children. One of the parents who supported the cause said that these special schools bring forth inclusion to their children as students in the community, and she believed that the students are the heart of the community. Saving these schools from closure, she said, is highly essential.

Serious fundraising movements have been done by the community for Wiltshire Council to reconsider the decision made for the closure. A peaceful march from Larkrise to County Hall in Trowbridge has been organized this coming February 16, alongside the fundraising activities brought forth by the parents of the pupils at Larkrise to fill up the £10,000 in fees to support the Keep Special Schools Open local campaign. 

As of today, £2,295 has been solicited from 97 people but are still aiming for more fund source to support the local campaign. Anyone who wishes to support the Keep Special Schools Open campaign may visit the website at 


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