Parking Could Get More Expensive In Cornwall


If you are used to driving daily and parking in Cornwall, it might become more expensive than anticipated. With the new proposals being prepared by Cornwall Council, vehicle owners will have to dig deeper into their pockets. Despite the high cost of living, the new proposals are likely to bring an uproar among locals. Changes anticipated will affect the reserved permits, blue badges, and banning of overnight camper vans.

Key proposals on the newly suggested parking fees by the Cornwall Council.

Inhabitants of Cornwall are requested to provide their view on the proposals. They are required to air their opinion on the following key issues:

  1. An increase in car park fees by 3.1%. The increase is caused by an increase in the inflation rate in the country.
  2. Feedback of the changes on the reserved permits– the prices to be dictated by the number of vehicles allowed in the permit.
  3. The ban of overnight camper vans in some of the Cornwall Council Parks. This is a response to public outcry in the region.
  4. The update of terms and conditions for Blue Badges drivers.

For full details about the Cornwall Council proposals, visit the council’s website. Public views may be submitted before 1st February 2019 for considerations.

Cornwall parking framework.

The framework for parking charges in Cornwall is set in a way that it will be benchmarked by other local councils due to its effectiveness.

The framework for parking fees in Cornwall has the following aspects:

  1. An introduction to Pay on Exit technology. This means that motorists will not worry about expiry of their parking session; hence, they can spend more time in the town centres in Cornwall than before.
  2. A review of the functions played by enforcement officers. It aims at using technology to ensure that the officials patrol areas that were not attended before are covered.
  3. Automation of payment of parking fees and use of mobile camera technology.