People Still Stranded Off Devon Coast On Lundy Island


A ferry due to carry passengers who were returning to the mainland broke down before leaving several people stranded.

The MS Oldenburg breakdown has made about 79 would be passengers spend another day on Lundy Island. A coastguard reported that by yesternight, passengers who were already on board were escorted back to the island.

A charity responsible for managing the island, The Landmark Trust, later explained to the stranded people what had transpired and provided them with rooms to stay overnight and food and drinks. The charity promised to provide an alternative to return the guests to the mainland as soon as possible.

A Lundy island spokesman confirmed that the ferry developed mechanical issues at the jetty because of unfavorable conditions.

MS Oldenburg could not be fixed at the jetty given the severe conditions. It was towed to the Ilfracombe Harbour for assessment over the night. The rough weather conditions had made it impossible to fix the ferry at the jetty.

A tugging vessel was requested by the ferry’s owners from Pembrokeshire and was expected to arrive at the jetty at Lundy island yesterday at midnight. Several photos have sprung up in the morning of the tugged MS Oldenburg arriving Ilfracombe Harbour for repairs.

The SOSRep or Secretary of State’s Representative Maritime Salvage and Intervention was informed of the Incident. The maritime and coastguard agency’s counter pollution and salvage branch are working together with the owners of the vessel to make sure that the breakdown did not cause any form of pollution.

So far, there are no signs of pollution found by the agency.

It remains unclear whether the Landmark Trust will cater for the delays and the transportation back to the mainland. However, all passengers are safe on the island. They were being housed in buildings belonging to the trust in preparation for an alternative vessel or awaiting repairs of MS Oldenburg.



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