Plane Forced to Take Detour After Passenger Falls Ill Onboard


A plane traveling from Menorca to Bristol had to take a detour to Birminham after a passenger, Leanne Law fell seriously ill while on the flight.

The airline, Thomas Cook had to make a diversion to Birmingham after it realized that the strong winds at Bristol would have caused a delay to attending to the passenger if the diversion was not made.

The passenger that fell sick was a 42-year old hairdresser that had booked an all-inclusive holiday at the Club Hotel Aguamarina alongside her friend and daughter. According to reports, on the fourth day, she came down with cramps and diarrhoea, a condition that worsened over the following 24 hours.

Giving an account of what happened, Leanne said: “I thought something I had eaten hadn’t agreed with me. Due to being ill I lost my appetite which can be dangerous as I am type 1 diabetic. The next 24 hours I stayed in the room resting and taking medication to ease the pain and illness, and drank bottled water regularly.”

Seeing that her condition wasn’t improving, Leanne got on a flight from Mahon to Bristol Airport but it was a decision that soon proved wrong as 90 minutes into the flight, her condition deteriorated further.

Thinking back at what happened, Leanne explained: “I became cold and started shivering so I took some paracetamol. As my symptoms worsened my friend called for assistance.”

Leanne Law who is now back healthy said she expects some form of compensation from the airline seeing as she lost jobs she should have done while she was ill.

The airline through its spokesperson has revealed that it is taking Leanne’s situation seriously and was already investigating the illness.

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